Ame Zek – musician, artist and composer


Ame Zek is an electronic musician, sound artist, and composer based in Berlin. To electronic music enthusiasts, he is a producer of sound waves and an LFO modulator. The music of Ame Zek is constructed from modulation chains to create a platform for building evolving sound structures. “I developed a composing strategy through my learning process of making music.” he explains. Ame Zek has accomplished this by using different modes of modulation in a specified order, defined at it’s basic most character by the use of his own particular techniques.

The result is an evolution of sound structures through modulation, where ever-changing patterns shift in time with common dependencies and autonomous movement. This intricate structure is it’s own character, it is what becomes his music. Ceaselessly focused on the intricacies of oscillating sound, Ame Zek employs an active combination of senses in touch, sight, and listening. Modularities and transformations have become what he describes as his “daily musical and spiritual experience.” Over many years, it is this particular act of creation which holds the greatest interest to Ame Zek.

From many instruments at his disposal in 2005, Ame Zek has since narrowed his focus. The Elektron Machine Drum and Clavia Nord Modular Synthesizer have become the two dedicated instruments comprising his orchestra. Aesthetics found within the music and sound of Ame Zek are a direct result of researching the creative possibilities and sonic frontiers of his chosen instruments. Today, the work of Ame Zek has reached greater sophistication through his use of complex MIDI devices and techniques. In turn, his compositions evolve organically for the listener. All hardware and techniques combined, Ame Zek has found himself standing before the ultimate music system for performance, composition, and research.



2015 Releasing of the Tape album ‘Streams’
on Cloudchamber recordings

2014 Releasing Of the EP album “Rostfrei”
(Limited version of 300 vinyl records.)

2012 Participation & collaboration
with sax player and composer André Vida”s album Brud – Volume 1-3

AmeZek & André Vida with Brudika @ LastFM

AmeZek @ vidatone

with Marco Kuhn ( | Audio visual project.

FEED Live Performance

2011 Performing
Participation on group music performance “48 Stunden Neukölln”

2010 First collaboration
with Marco Kuhn ( & his visual approaching image Installation

2009 Collaboration
With Maxime Bobo – sax player and composer under project name Bobo / Ame Zek

2008-2009 Collaboration
with Guido Henneboehl under project name DShK releasing an album.
DShK @ myspace

2008 Organizing
1.Festival für gegenwartige Musik und Grafik
1.contemporary music and graphic festival FGMuG
Performing with Guido Henneboehl as DShK

FGMuG @ wendel

2007 Sound Design
Sound design for Machine – Native Instruments

2006-2009 Improvise music phase – “Wendel time”
Weekly playing public jams as a part of the jamming circle of musicians participating Andre Vida’s Tuesday’s nights.In that time playing solo afternoons and evening concerts (not rare 3 times a week ) together with Andre Vida, Guido Henneboehl, Brendan Dougherty, Kieth o’Brien, Roy Carroll, Kevin Blechdom, Antonis Anissegos, Maxime Bobo, Yorgos Dimitriadis, Mathis Mayr, Johnny Chang, Clayton Thomas, Mads Lindgren, Jamie Lidell, Bill Youngman and many others.

2006 Releasing solo album CD (limited version of the 100 CD)
under the project name Step – Das woran sich niemand erinnern kann / “That about no one can remember”
in colaboration with Anisa Novakovic (fashion designer) & Robert Novakovic
(painter, graphic designer). Mastering done by Sinisa Jagarinec.

2005-2006 Colaborations
with graphic designer, graffiti exibition curator and organizer, photographer & composer Martin Reimann on
his music composition done by numbers ZK3 @